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With PrivacyScan you can securely erase those pesky files that violate your privacy by allowing people to see where you were surfing and what you were doing on your computer. Safely and securely destroy Internet files used for tracking your whereabouts such as cache files, browsing history, cookies, flash cookies and temporary files to clean your Mac and save space while stopping snoopers from spying on your system. Setup Assistant: The first time you run Privacy Scan, the Setup Assistant will walk you through the process of customizing and configuring the program to fit your needs. From the apps to scan to the items to detect, every setting can be changed to enhance your security. Automatic App Finder: Privacy Scan will alert you when it discovers newly installed apps that could contain privacy threats, and offers options to customize scans to detect and remove new threats. The setup assistant will guide you through the process every step of the way. Browsers & Apps: Privacy Scan offers support for a wide range of items, including popular web browsers such as Camino, Chrome, Firefox, Flock, iCab, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey, and Shiira, privacy threats presented by Flash Cookies, as well as standard apps such as Finder, Preview, and QuickTime. Secure Shredding: Once a scan has run its course and privacy threats have been detected, Privacy Scan offers many options for cleaning. You can simply delete the item normally, or opt for one of the many secure delete shredding options. If you utilize Secure Delete at the most basic level, it will overwrite the threat with one pass. Going up a level, you can overwrite threats at the US DoD 7-pass standard. If file recovery is not an option, go for the full 35-pass overwrite. Intuitive Interface: Built from the ground up with the user experience in mind, Privacy Scan provides beautiful animation and audio cues while securely shredding privacy threats. From the Setup Assistant to the appropriately placed tip bubbles, Privacy Scan offers an accessible and friendly way to secure your Mac against the privacy threats that exist today.

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